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Angie Grainger
CPA/PFS, CFP®, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Money Finder Inc.

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Angie's right. You will never make it, if you don't know your numbers. Angie helped position my company for an 8-figure sale. By understanding what makes a business valuable, then showing that in the numbers is the only way to go from a six-figure business to a 7- or 8-figure business. Angie is the real expert when it comes to uncovering the hidden assets in your business.

Sohail Khan
Top Joint Venture Expert and found of the Joint Venture Group

Angie really understands the value of knowing your numbers. I've never met a CPA who does what she does to help entrepreneurs get a hold of their money and stay focused on achieving their dreams.

Daven Michaels
New York Times best-selling author, and Founder of 123Employee

I had to take a deep breath! In all my years of studying and teaching personal development, I’ve never seen the ancient philosophies laid out in the modern day money mindset like Angie does. She not only knows the numbers, Angie can see right through the roadblocks and clearly see why you’re not where you want to be.

Beejal Parmar
Co‐Founder of Beyond Results Mastery and

It seems that the best investment you could make is in building a high fence between you and the Joneses. Angie Grainger confronts us all with some reality and responsibility checks and puts the financial focus where it belongs- between our ears- and helps us all make money decisions that will pay off in the long run. If you want to get your own financial house in order, you must meet Angie.

Mitch Anthony
Author, The New RetireMentality, The Cash In The Hat, and The Bean Is Not Green, Founder, The Financial Life Planning Institute

Angie brings a fresh innovative approach to looking at building wealth and finding true happiness. Driving the importance of setting goals, planning and taking action, Angie reinforces personal accountability and discipline for those ready to make real improvements in their financial lives. Right on point for this new economy.

Gary Ryan Blair “The Goals Guy”
Author of Everything Counts!, Goal-Setting 101, The Ten Commandments of Goal Setting, and more.

Angie Grainger is right on the money! Offering fresh insights and understanding about the state of our financial affairs, Angie helps people to not only understand how and why they got where they are, but more importantly, how to change for the better. Angie provides real solutions that can easily be followed by anyone. Angie’s concepts are a "must read" to all of our clients.

Deborah Price
Author, Money Magic: Unleashing Your True Potential for Prosperity and Fulfillment, Founder & CEO, The Money Coaching Institute

Fasten your seat belts and hang on because the most important journey of your life is about to begin, and you don't want to miss out! Whether you have achieved your life's ambitions or not, it is time for everyone to become liberated with Angie's pursuit of financial freedom.

Leonard C. Wright
CPA/PFS, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Money Doctor, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: Co-host - Financial Fridays AM 670 KMZQ, Las Vegas, Nevada

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