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Financial Freedom Audit

Get started with a Financial Freedom Audit by a Certified Money Finder® to uncover exactly what actions you need to take to uncover hidden money in your business & personal finances. As a Money Coach, our Certified Money Finders will bring accountability and a friendly advice to help you take the RIGHT steps toward true financial freedom.

Become A Certified MoneyFinder®

Whether you are a tax preparer, advisor, or coach you can become a Certified Money Finder® without any other licenses. Learn how to be the guide for your clients to help them on the path of financial freedom.

Better Life Financial Plan

Work with one of our Certified Money Finder® Planners to create a detailed plan to put order to your finances and create a clear path to your long-term future wealth.

Better Life Tax Advisor

Work with a Certified Money Finder® for your tax preparation and planning to save money on taxes, avoid surprises and get Uncle Sam to work for you (instead of the other way around).

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